Why Keefit?

Why track heart rate?

As the driving force of circulating life-giving oxygen and nutrients throughout the body via bloodstream, the heart and its health is a critical component to tracking one’s overall fitness.

While everyone knows the importance of the heart, how often do people track it? Heart disease is still the number one cause of death in the United States — even more than by cancer. Apparently, we need to be more proactive about tracking our heart.

Tracking many aspects of heart rate, such as 

  • RHR - resting heart rate
  • Intensity - heart beats per minute (BPM) during exercise
  • HRV - heart rate variability (how quickly your heart recovers from stress or exercise)

are vital tools to evaluating and progressing one’s physical, emotional, and physiological well-being.

The American Heart Association (AHA), along with other cardio medical professionals, recommends reaching certain target heart beat levels to maintain a healthy heart. Read more here.

Why add the social aspects?

Various studies, including a recent one published in 2022
by “The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association,” lists social motivation as one of the top ways in which people push themselves to become more active.

While there are many amazing personal fitness tracking services out there, there aren't many that focus on providing communities to push one another towards their goals. Keefit wanted a way for people to connect with others who share the same methods for staying active and healthy.

Some examples: 
Morning Meditation - to keep the heart rate below a certain point
Weekend hike - chatting while doing your favorite outdoor activity
Telling scary stories before bedtime - to see whose story makes hearts leap fastest

Having fun with people you enjoy is the best way to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Getting Started

What devices can I use with Keefit?

Currently, we've made versions for iPhones and Apple Watches.
We are expanding the variety of platforms and tracking devices to use with our app.

What accounts can I use to sign up with Keefit?

You may signup with Keefit using any of these accounts: 

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Apple

Where is the older version of Keefit with the challenges? 

Keefit has temporarily hidden away the challenge features to implement the current live heart beat chatting feature to become a better solution to motivate people to exercise. Therefore, the older version with the challenges is not available for use at this moment, but may be reintroduced at a later time.

Your feedback is valuable to us — so let us know about which features you’d like to see return or added in the future!

Why is sex and age needed?

Sex and Age are minimum factors needed to personalize the heart beat intensity zones: relaxed, moderate, vigorous.
A woman's heart is generally smaller, pumping faster (higher BPM) than men. Also, your maximum heart rate decreases with age.

Our basic formula is: 
Moderate Intensity: Maximum Age (220-age) * 0.65
Vigorous Intensity: Maximum Age (220-age) * 0.77

Of course, the intensity in which you should exercise depends on many factors such as lifestyle, weight, fitness level, stress levels, smoking/drinking habits, preexisting health conditions, and much more.
For the time being, these are general guides; and we plan on incorporating adjustable BPM goals by intensity in the near future!

You can read up on this formula here.
If you want to get technical, here's a report published by the American CDC.

Grow Your Keemon

What is this egg about?

Congrats, you’ve received a Keemon egg!
Now you can grow it from egg to adult by feeding it energy (EXP) as you exercise.

What are EXP?

EXP (experience points) are energy points that you earn to feed your Keemon and level up. You can earn EXP every time you strap on your smartwatch and measure your heart rate. While it’s possible to earn some EXP while in a relaxed state, you earn more when you get your heart rate up to your personalized moderate or vigorous levels.

That’s the sort of heart activity we encourage on our app, y’know?

How can I grow my Keemon faster?

The amount of energy you can feed your Keemon is based on how often and long you stay in the upper heart intensity zones. If you stay in the vigorous zone, you’ll be able to earn more EXP and Koins than when you stay in the relaxed or moderate zones.

What happens when my Keemon becomes an adult?

We’re going to launch exclusive items for your adult Keemon to wear in the item store. There are more plans for adult Keemon in the future, so hang tight!

I want to try raising another Keemon; what should I do? 

You want to adopt another Keemon? We love your caring heart! You’ll be able to purchase other Keemon eggs from the item store. The progress for your Keemon that you aren’t actively growing will pause until you switch it to active while you’re exercising.

Can I grow the same Keemon character again?

Yes! We love your enthusiasm to raise Keemon babies!You may purchase more Keemon eggs, even of the same kind, in the app store.

Earning Keekee Koins

What are Keekee Koins

As you get your heart rates up, you will earn Keekee Koins that you’ll be able to use in the Item Store to buy items and new Keemon eggs,  or redeem for coupons you can use in real life.

How can I see how many Koins I’ve earned per workout?

Click on your profile picture, and click records. You will be able to see how many Koins you’ve earned each workout. Keep in mind that we calculate the daily workouts and deposit them into your wallet at midnight at the end of your day.

I don’t see the total number of Koins I’ve earned this workout — what’s going on?

Don’t worry! We calculate the daily workouts and deposit them into your wallet at midnight at the end of your day.If you still don’t see your Koins deposited, please shoot us an e-mail at support@keefit.com

Voice Chat & Invitations

How do I join a room to chat?

The main page will show a list of rooms that other hosts have created.
If you don't see any available rooms, you'll need to create one to invite your friends or have others join you!

Voice chatting inside the rooms.

Your arrival will be announced in the room once you join.
Feel free to say hi, or you can mute yourself by clicking the mic button at the bottom of the room.

Host privileges

Hosts are moderators who have extra privileges, such as removing a participant of the room or muting participants.
The person who starts the room will be the host, until they designate someone else to be the host. This probably will occur when the host needs to leave and the room’s participants want to continue participating in the room.
If the host exits the room, the participant who entered the room after the host will be automatically designated the new host.
They can also mute participants who seem to be chatting out of line.

I'm the host; how do I remove someone from my room?

Click the profile of the person you'd like to remove from the room.
When their profile pops up on the screen, click the three dots menu on the top right corner, and click "block."
You can also try muting the person first if you don't want to get this extreme.

My Account

How can I ask and receive answers to questions not listed on this FAQ page

You may contact us at support@keefit.com and we will provide a reply as soon as we can.
Please make sure to provide us with the e-mail address and ID associated with your Keefit account.

Can I use Keefit on a PC?

Keefit is made to be used on mobile devices, and currrently isn't available on a PC.

Can Keefit be used on all mobile phones?

Keefit operates on mobile devices with at least iOS 12 and Apple Watch 7.

How do I get push notifications?

Your push notifications should automatically be turned on, but you can find them in [Profile>Settings>Notifications]

Can people who live abroad sign up? 

Of course! Keefit can be downloaded by people all over the world.
The beauty of Keefit is that you can exercise with people from all over anytime, anywhere to form a global community that motivates one another through heart-to-heart connections.

Can I use the same account even if I change my phone?

If you log in with your Keefit subscription account, you can use it even if you change your phone.
All of your data will be stored on our servers as long as you haven’t deleted the account.

What happens when I delete my account?

Once you go through the process of deleting your account, all of your data including uploads, progress, history, and levels associated with your account will be deleted permanently from our servers. This process CANNOT be undone by you nor our team, so we recommend that you use the LOGOUT feature before you decide upon this course.
You won't be able to use your account after, and you'll need to create a new Keefit account to continue with our services.
You've been forewarned!

Is Keefit only available on Apple devices?

We are working hard to broaden the service beyond iOS smartwatch and phone.
Look out for an update to this feature soon!

Personal Heart beat tracking

What do the red, blue, green lines mean? 

These lines represent your heartbeat (BPM) that is extracted every 5 seconds from your apple watch.

How do I start tracking my heart beat?

There are two ways to start tracking your heart beats when you exercise.

1. In the main lobby, you will see a widget with a heart in the middle. With your watch on and Keefit app installed on your watch, press the heart to bring your BPM data into the device. You should see a graph appear with red, blue, green lines.

2. Inside a room you've joined or created, you can press the "Start" button at the bottom of your device.
If you see the graph appear with your heartbeat, you've started tracking your heart beats.

What's the difference between the durations on the graph and the durations on the widget? 

The graph shows the duration of each heart rate zone (red, blue, green) of your current exercise: from the time you pressed the heart or "start" until you ended it.
The widget in the home screen below the graph shows your daily workout totals. If you started and ended your heart beat tracking over multiple sessions, this widget will show you the total duration for that day. Of course, the numbers on this widget resets at midnight every day.

Can I see how long I've spent in each heart rate zone during each of my workouts?

When you go to your profile, you should see a tab that says "Records" which shows summaries of your daily workouts. Each of these will have the total duration you spent in each heart rate zone per day.